70’s Rally Cars: more spoilers and first wing

Ford response to Porsche 911 Carrera and Lancia Stratos was second of successful Escort series, which since the beginning (1975) included a small rear spoiler.

1978 Ford Escort RS 1800 Castrol n.8 Mikkola-Hertz 02° Portugal 1978

H. Mikkola/ A. Hertz, Ford Escort RS1800 MK 2, Portugal Rally 1978 (2nd)

In 1976 Fiat started to compete with the Abarth 131 Rally, which introduced an air deviator on the rear part of the roof, similar to that used in Lancia Stratos, to help channel air into the rear spoiler (see Homologation Form here).

fiat 131 abarth 1979 Monte Carlo Alen.jpgM. Alen/I. Kivimäki, Fiat Abarth 131 Rally, Monte Carlo Rally 1979 (3rd)

Also this year first car with a rear wing was presented, the ground-breaking Alpine A310 V6. It also incorporated a big front splitter and surprisingly round shape compared to other cars of the moment, such as Fiat 131 or the Ford Escort.

alpine a310 Guy Frequelin Rally Jean Behra 1977

G. Frequelin/Delaval, Alpine A310 V6, Jean Behra Rally, 1977 (1st)

Vauxhall launched the Chevette 2300 HS in 1977, with a classic rear spoiler.

vauxhall chevette 2300 Rac Rally 1978n Pentti Airikkala

P. Airikkala/M. Nicholson, Vauxhall Chevette 2300 HS, RAC Rally 1978

First of Toyota Celica series, the 2000GT RA40 launched in 1978 also included a rear spoiler.

790216S Therier 02 toyota celica Suecia 1979.JPG

JL.Therier/M.Vial, Toyota Celica 2000GT RA40, Sweden Rally 1979

New Porsche 911 SC 3.0 also kept the rear spoiler as previous Carrera model.

porsche911 sc safari 1978 b waldegaard

B. Waldegaard/H.Thorszelius, Porsche 911 SC 3.0, Safari Rally 1978

History continues in the early 80’s.

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