Toyota Yaris WRC launches 2017 aero battle

Since mid-April tests of 2017 WRC cars have restarted for VW, Citroen and Toyota. While new Polo and DS3 test cars still have not shown any modification regarding rear wing, the new Yaris WRC tested incorporates a brand new aero package, which may indicate the trends to be followed by the rest of competitors (pictures by SaariJarno).


FIA regulations for 2017 allow, amongst other changes, the use of bigger and more visible fixed rear wing. And Toyota has proposed a new rear wing with 5 vertical fins, two blades and side wings, similar to those seen in the old Audi Quattro Sport S1.


Side wings have been introduced as the existing limitation of maximum wingspan of 1800 mm (same as car width) has been removed for 2017.


Citroen also showed his new version of 2017 DS3 WRC, but tests were carried out with the same rear wing used in 2015/16.

comparison 2

Similarly, new Polo WRC tested in the last weeks still uses the same rear wing used in the last seasons.

polo pano

New aero packages are expected to be revealed in the next months from both manufacturers, while new Hyundai and Ford 2017 WRC cars are to start testing in June/July.


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