New Polo WRC aero package for 2017

VW has been testing what is said to be the definitive aerodynamic configuration for the 2017 Polo WRC in some old Rally of Portugal stages like Arganil and Gois last week. The first pictures published show a new rear wing with significant changes versus the previous version.


The first main change is a reduction of the width of the lower blade (or shovel) as shown in the figure below, the new design above, which is now the same as the rear windshield width, allowing air to flow on both sides below the upper blade. As a result, it does not support anymore the upper blade, so two vertical front supports have been added.


The angle of attack of the lower blade has been reduced, so the separation between blades has increased (new design on the right side in the picture below).


The angle of attack of the upper blade seems to be the same, or only a little higher, while low ends are now open, allowing air to freely flow between the car body and wing.


The rear wing used in previous tests (right side on the picture above) was the same as used in 2016 Polo WRC, with increased size, as allowed by new rules.

Other teams are still working on their aero packages:

  • Toyota presented a new wing since its first tests, but its final configuration still has to be confirmed.
  • Hyundai has been using the same wing as in the 2016 configuration, also increasing in size and elevation according to new rules. This was also used in the car tested last week in Spain, which is said to be the final car configuration.
  • Citroen is still using the 2016 rear wing configuration, bigger size, after 6 tests, and it is still to be confirmed in the final configuration.
  • Ford has not shown yet a new car, as tests have started with a 2016 configuration car with some internal changes.

New cars need to be homologated in November, so final configurations should be decided and presented in the next weeks.

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