Aerodynamic evolution of 2017 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC

New 2017 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC unveiled today in Monza is the result of a long series of test initiated in June 2016. At every test, the team based in Alzenau introduced small modifications, most of them have been finally included in the new model presented today.


First tests were carried out in France last June with a basic 2-doors coupe model using 2016 configuration of the front spoiler and rear wing, while the only modification was slightly wider arches over wheels.


Same car configuration was used in the test on gravel carried out during August in Spain. Tarmac test in France later that month were done with a car with a new front spoiler, significantly larger than previous. Air intake on top of the roof was relocated to a central position.

test 3 august asfalt France.jpg

In September test on Spanish gravel, significant modifications were introduced: a brand new rear diffuser as well as side skirts.


A new design of the rear wing was first used in the gravel test developed in Southern Spain in October. Very similar to that proposed by VW for the 2017 Polo WRC, it includes two slim front arms to support upper wing, while a plate wing is used below, the same width of car rear body. Also, bigger side skirts were tested.


Picture by Zagatoï

Final modifications were introduced in the car used in the tarmac tests carried out in France last November: a new design of the rear diffuser, a bigger front spoiler,  and the most visible, two wing lips right below each of the front lights, to help air circulate over wide arches on top of the front wheels. Doors design was also modified.


test 9b.jpg

The car presented in the Monza Rally Show do not include last design of rear diffuser, but the final configuration will be determined by the homologation process so we will have to wait until next year for confirmation.





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