New Toyota Yaris WRC 2017 aero package

The test developed by Gazoo Racing in Corsica this week (December 2016) has not only been the first real test of Jari Matti Latvala with his new team, but also the opportunity to test the second design of the Yaris aero package for 2017. Main changes are a new, even bigger, rear wing,  a bigger rear diffuser and wider side skirts.


Picture by DR

The new rear wing consists of two parallel blades with side arms descending on both sides, to converge on the basis, while side wings have been maintained. However, they have been relocated to a lower position, with a higher angle of attack, so they act as a prolongation of the widened upper side of car doors, allowing air to flow smoothly over the wings, thus generating higher downforce. Such door modification was already seen in the tests the Japanese/Finn team carried out in Montecarlo roads in November, where still the original rear wing was used (second picture below).


December test in Corsica


November test in Montecarlo

In the new wing, fins have disappeared from the upper blade, while the angle of attack at the rear part has significantly increased versus the previous configuration.


Also, rear diffuser is bigger than in previous configuration, as well as side skirts.


Details of final aero package configuration are shown in pictures below from Rally Catalunya 2017.

front view yaris

Front bumper with just one dive plane


Rear view of the car with impressive louvres to remove air from rear brakes and the big rear wing and diffuser.


Side view of the rear diffuser.

lappi wing

Detail of complex rear wing



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