Toyota proposal of a modified rear wing for the Yaris WRC

The recent controversy on WRC rear wings that arose after Rally Finland might already have generated the first consequences, and before it was expected. From the first images arrived from the service park in Bostalsee Lake, served by Quentin (@El_Risson), it could be inferred that Toyota would be considering to modify the rear wing, by reducing the rear overhang.

K.Meeke/S.Marshall, Toyota Yaris WRC, Rally Deutschland 2019, parc fermé in Bostalsee, August 19th, 2019 – picture by Quentin (@El_Risson)

The solution under study, as pictures may indicate, would be to move the rear wing ahead, to reduce the overhang to the dimensions allowed by regulations (that is, a reduction of 30 mm, according to the news following the recent controversy on rear wings in Rally Finland). To achieve that, Toyota would have done a cut on the lower plate of the rear wing, as shown in the picture below (which has never seen before).

As a result, the rear wing would be repositioned some centimeters ahead.

K.Meeke/S.Marshall, Toyota Yaris WRC, Rally Deutschland 2019, parc fermé in Bostalsee, August 19th, 2019 – picture by Quentin (@El_Risson)

The confirmation of such modification would come from the above picture, as well as from its comparison with an image of the Yaris WRC from 2018. The pictures below show that the front extreme of the side wing would have been moved ahead, with respect to both the rear lights and the rear wing lower plate.

Toyota Yaris WRC, Rally Catalunya 2018 (left) and Rally Deutschland 2019 – pictures by llluis555 (left) and Quentin (@El_Risson) (right)

Vertical lines in pictures below show how, on the left image (2018) the front end of the side wing is located at the same height of the front end of the lower plate, as well as the front end of the front lights. In the right picture (proposed solution), the line shows that the side wing front end is well ahead of both the lower plate and rear lights front ends.

It would be a smart solution in case the problem was an extra overhang of the rear wing. And it would be the first modification Toyota introduces into his rear wing since it was introduced in Rallye Monte Carlo 2017.

The images show that the length of the rear wing (lower plate) would have been shortened. This means that the area of the lower plate is smaller.

A smaller area of the lower plate means a reduced capacity of downforce generation. But the fact that most of the downforce is created by the upper wing, together with the fact that the reduction in length (if it is around 30 mm) would be relatively small with respect to the total surface of the lower wing, the impact on downforce generation would be very small.

However, the Rally Deutschland 2018 was one of the fastest events of the last season: the third in terms of average speed, and the fastest between the tarmac events. This means that aerodynamics are really significant in German stages.

The confirmation of the potential impact of this solution would only arrive if Toyota decided to implement such solution for Rally Deutschland next weekend, in one or all of the four cars to take part from the Japanese manufacturer. We will have to wait until next Thursday to confirm if it is finally used. Also, when more pictures will be available.

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