Toyota development test in Central Finland

Toyota started yesterday a series of development tests in Central Finland, close to the location where Hyundai has resumed today the last week’s tests after Neuville/Gilsoul accident. After yesterday’s test by Rovanperä/Halttunen, it was the turn of the current World Rally Championship leader duo (Ogier/Ingrassia) for today. And, as in the case of Hyundai, it seems that Toyota might have started to evaluate some aero modifications, in order to improve the already excellent performance of the Yaris WRC in the second part of the season.

S.Ogier/J.Ingrassia, Toyota Yaris WRC, Development test, Central Finland, June 2020 – picture by Taneli Niinimäki (TNPHOTOGR)

Some pictures taken this afternoon show the use of small deflectors in the external sides of the upper dive planes of the Yaris WRC. The purpose of these deflectors might well be to evaluate the advantage of introducing endplates in the dive plane. The use of deflectors/endplates would have a double benefit: firstly, to better direct airflow towards the rear of the car, while preventing the interaction with the external, main airflow. Secondly, the use of endplates would prevent the mixing of air from above and below the planes, thus increasing their efficiency.

S.Ogier/J.Ingrassia, Citroën C3 WRC, Rally Catalunya 2019 pre-event test, October 2019

The use of big endplates in the dive planes was already proposed by Oreca in the new aero package that Citroën tested in the Rally Catalunya 2019 pre-event tests. There, the French team evaluated the new aero package developed by Oreca that should have definitively improved the C3 performance. One of the main modifications of this package was at the level of the front dive planes, where three planes were used, and all of them included significantly bigger endplates.

S.Ogier/J.Ingrassia, Toyota Yaris WRC, Development test, Central Finland, June 2020 – picture by Henri Vuorinen Photography

A second modification shown in thepictures is that the dive planes have been extended on the front. Note the black portion in the upper planes in the picture below.

S.Ogier/J.Ingrassia, Toyota Yaris WRC, Development test, Central Finland, June 2020 – picture extracted from video

The extension of the dive planes is another solution to increase their efficiency. Due to the higher area available, a higher amount of air can be collected and redirected through the car sides, while higher donwforce is generated.



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5 thoughts on “Toyota development test in Central Finland

  • 2020-06-17 at 02:24

    Thanks for the scoop! After endless confirmation of cancelled events, it’s great to hear the season’s about to start soon – I’m beginning to think we may have to cancel this one! A few questions, as usual:

    1. Regarding Toyota, I heard from another news outlet they’re not going to introduce their GR chassis for next year. However, I also do not hear them confirming their new-rule 2022 car will be said GR chassis. Do you think they’re going to forgo the road-going likeness and just use a new shell (different from this year and the road-going Yaris GR) for the new rules?
    2. What do you expect of Pirelli coming in to replace Michelin? Their F1 track record for replacing existing manufacturer has been spotty, but it’s rather the opposite in motorcycle racing where their rate of development and communication has been excellent. Do you think their product will be inferior during their first year in the sport? Is that why they’re hiring Meeke right away? Also, do you have any info what test mule are they going to use? The abandoned 2020 Citroen (like F1 did with the cancelled Toyota & Manor chassis)?
    3. Given it’s likely no spectators will be allowed to attend in non-city stages, will the organizers have more freedom in terms of the routes they use? I feel Mrs. Mouton has always been dealt the difficult cards in balancing speed, excitement, and spectator satisfaction (I personally feel she’s taken too many suboptimal decisions, but that’s just me).

    Thanks for the hard work, as always!

    • 2020-06-20 at 14:41

      Thank you again for your nice words, we really appreciate your comments.
      1. That was the initial plan, GR Yaris for 2021 and a new hybrid car for 2022. It seems they skip the GR Yaris and jump directly to the hybrid, yes.
      2. I’m sure Pirelli will do a very good job. They’ll need time to catch up, but they’ll succeed. Their past history in the championship backs them up, and hiring an expert driver (Meeke, Mikkelsen or whoever) will help a lot. I heard that they will use the Citroën C3 WRC, which I think is more appropriate than using any R5 car… but also more expensive, and they will probably need support from Citroën, PH Sport or any other close-to-Citroën private team.
      3. With spectators (hard to believe right now) or without them, I’m sure safety will be the main criteria. This is a very special year, and after Tänak accident in Monte Carlo, I’m sure they will not take any risk.
      You’re welcome. Thanks!

  • 2020-06-17 at 12:06

    Brillante , como siempre, Lluis!!

    • 2020-06-17 at 11:28

      Moltes gràcies, amic meu!!


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