Rally Safari aero and dust images

The quality of the images offered by recent Rally Safari Kenya deserves yet another article, this time devoted to aero and dust images offered by some of the excellent local photographers (Anwar Sidi, Mwangi Kirubi and Alvin Kibet) to whom we want to thank in advance for their collaboration, by letting us share some of their images. And we invite you to discover many other of their amazing images through the links below.

We start with one of the few cars using snorkel, fighting against the dust and fresh fesh.

C.Tundo/T.Jessop, Volkswagen Polo GTi R5, Rally Safari Kenya 2021 – image by Mwangi Kirubi

Dust was present almost everywhere, sometimes at such a high amount that cars seemed to be shrouded by dust.

T.Katsuta/D.Barritt, Toyota Yaris WRC, Rally Safari Kenya 2021 – image by Anwar Sidi

O.Solberg/A.Johnston, Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC, Rally Safari Kenya 2021 – image by Alvin Kibet

Fesh fesh caused the drivers multiple problems, due to poor traction.

A.Mughal/Z.Hamid, Subaru Impreza, Rally Safari Kenia 2021 – image by Mwangi Kirubi

As usual in gravel events, dust was really helpful to visualize the airflow around the WRC cars, such as in the rear fender vents of the Fiesta WRC in the image below. It confirms that all the fender vent is cooperating in the air (dust) removal.

G.Greensmith/C.Patterson, Ford Fiesta WRC, Rally Safari Kenya 2021 – image by Anwar Sidi

Again, very nice car wakes could be seen thanks to the dust.

T.Neuville/M.Wydaeghe, Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC, Rally Safari Kenya – image by Mwangi Kirubi

However, dust was not a problem for some privileged spectators.

O.Rai/D.Sturrock, Volkswagen Polo GTi R5, Rally Safari Kenya – image by Anwar Sidi

And it was not all dust, but also very nice landscapes, as well as nice jumps.

C.Tundo/T.Jessop, Volkswagen Polo GTi R5, Rally Safari Kenya 2021 – image by Alvin Kibet

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2 thoughts on “Rally Safari aero and dust images

  • 2021-07-01 at 02:45

    Heya, Luis! Didn’t have the chance to comment on your previous article simply because I can’t really find anything to ask after that fantastic and dramatic rallying round. However, after sitting on it for several days, I’ve got several questions/suggestions:

    1. Since you’ve done several analysis on forced modifications, can you do some comments on the impact of snorkels and bullbars on current-gen WRC/WRC2 cars?
    2. High-performance aero don’t like sudden changes in speed. Did the teams have major detachment issues during immediate and emergency stoppage (letting animals past, dodging rocks, Rovanpera’s sand-sinking, etc.)?
    3. Because Adamo’s attitude towards the media is curse-worthy, do you have any info regarding the (failed) strengthening modifications for the Hyundai? Did, for example, what they did in other parts actually concentrated sharp forces into the suspension elements?

    • 2021-07-05 at 18:25

      Hi Kevin! Fully agree with you, it was a fantastic event. And thank you for your questions/comments.
      1. The impact of a snorkel is a small increase in drag due to the increase in front area. But, if it prevents water/dust from entering into the engine, it is totally justified. Same for bullbars, with a higher impact on drag due to the modification of airflow they cause at the car front. With the current aero of WRC carsm, they would also reduce the downforce generated at the car’s front.
      2. I’m sure it was far from an ideal situation… but with such emergencies, aero was the smallest of their problems.
      3. Have no info, but I’m sure they have concentrated most of their efforts to solve it… and I’m pretty sure they will do it.


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